Greatworth Primary School

Ethos and Values


At Greatworth School we aim to provide the very best education for our children through a broad and balanced curriculum which will give them the skills, knowledge, understanding and attitude that will enable them to become happy and successful learners.

They will receive teaching of the highest quality and will work in a rich and stimulating environment which will give them many opportunities and experiences. We aim to encourage our children to have respect and consideration for others, to value equal opportunities for all and to work hard and do their best every day.


At Greatworth School we provide an inclusive environment that inspires a love of learning and our children are encouraged to be confident and reflective learners who are positive, creative, thinking and caring individuals who see their future as full of possibilities and opportunities.

We believe that a happy child is a successful child. In School we ensure that all our children enjoy a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. Our School is at the centre of the local community and we encourage our children to have pride in their community and heritage and to play a full and active part in it. We also make sure that our children are well prepared and ready for the next stage of their educational journey in a positive and confident manner.

Our School Values

We are empowered individuals

We are curious learners

We show respect

We are creative thinkers

We have a positive mind-set