Greatworth Primary School

Knowledge Organiser Quizzing Mat

This term, we have been developing our use of 'cumulative quizzes' in school which have been very successful in helping children to remember new learning. This term, we are introducing 'Knowledge Organiser Retrieval Practice' as part of children's termly homework. This will encourage the children to remember essential or 'sticky' knowledge which will help the children to learn important concepts and skills, which once learned, will be stored in the Long-Term Memory.  Teachers will 'test' last term's knowledge with low-stakes quizzes and activities with the intention that children remember it very well. 

Please place it in a prominent position so it becomes a regular feature in your child's homework schedule. I have also attached a 'Knowledge Organiser Quizzing Mat'  as a prompt to help your child revise and test their knowledge: In doing so, they will remember more. 


knowledge organiser quizzing map .png