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Oak Class - Year 5 & 6


Welcome to Oak Class. 

Please click on the link see below to find out what happens in Year 5 and Year 6. If you're not sure about anything, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Welcome to Year 5 and 6

End of Year 5 national expectations (EXPECTED STANDARD)

End of Year 6 national expectations (EXPECTED STANDARD)


Mrs Caroline Lovis & Mrs Scott (Friday) 


                                                                  Photograph of Beech Class Teacher, Mrs Megan Scott 

Class novel

As we don't have much time left this term, we are reading a selection of short stories - from the books below.

Talk to your child about some of the short stories we have read.


  Books we have read so far this year.

      A Christmas Carol - Dickens, Charles: 9780140367232 - AbeBooks            



Weekly Homework

Thank you for the gorgeous 'Climate Change' homework projects. This term (Summer 2), we will be  studying a unit of work on North America. You will find the knowledge organiser at the bottom of this page.

For homework, you need to choose six activities from the grid supplied. Click here for the details. You will be expected to complete an activity per week. 

Your weekly homework needs to be handed in on Wednesdays

This term you need to be revising a section a week from your 'Climate Change' and 'Living things - Classification'  knowledge organisers

You will be assessed on your understanding at the end of this term.


Daily Reading

In Year 5 and 6 the expectation is that you are reading every day for at least 20 minutes.

You need to choose from the 100 books on our class shelves or another age-appropriate text. Please ask if you're not sure.

Click here for Oak Class 100 books list

Your reading habits are monitored weekly.


Daily Spellings

Click here for Week 6 spellings

Click here for week 5 spellings

Click here for week 4 spellings

Click here for Week 3 spellings 

Click here for Week 2 spellings

Click here for Week 1 spellings

 Click here for the statutory word list for Year 5 and 6. These are the words children are expected to be able to spell by the end of UKS2.

Click here for the statutory word list for Year 3 and 4. These are the words children are expected to be able to spell by the end of LKS2.

You may find this phonics chart useful when practising your weekly spellings.

Don't forget to visit edshed for extra spelling practice and your maths quiz.  Your assignments are waiting for you. (Your logins are in your homework folder.)

Spelling test is on Mondays


Daily Times Tables and mental maths

Your weekly times tables grids are shown below. Just click on the one that applies to you.

Times tables/ mental maths tests are on Wednesdays

Bronze award   2 5 10 tables    3 4 6 tables    3 6 9 tables    4 6 8 tables   7 8 9 tables     6 9 12 tables

                           mixed tables        mixed tables (easier)


Silver award    2 4 8 factors      3 6 9 factors    4 6 8 factors      6 9 12 factors


Gold award    2 4 8 decimals    3 6 9 decimals    4 6 8 decimals    6 9 12 decimals    2 4 8 whole  

Arithmetic 1      Arithmetic 2


Diamond award (arithmetic)     BODMAS      BODMAS (1)   Five a day      Fractions      Five a day(2)

percentages            Fractions (Dividing by integer)        Five a day(2)      Five a day(2) answers

Column addition      Column subtraction        Column addition (decimals)      Divide by 10/100/1000


Platinum award (5 a day)

Level 1  Wk 1 Bronze             Wk 2 Bronze      Wk 3 Bronze    Wk 4 Bronze

Level 2  Wk 1 Gold                Wk 2 Gold          WK 3 Gold        Wk 4 Gold      Wk 5 Gold

Week 6 Gold          Week 7 Gold      Week 8 Gold      Week 9 Gold

Level 3  Wk 1 Platinum          Wk 2 Platinum  Wk 3 Platinum    Wk 4 Platinum

Mental Maths (Summer term)

Year 6: Week 1        Week 2      Week 3      Week 4      Week 5      Week 6

Year 5: Week 1        Week 2       Week 3    Week 4        Week 5    Week 6

Year 5 and Year 6. Here is the link to Mathsbot for extra arithmetic practice. Remember to click on 'primary' and then KS2 Arithmetic

This week

Thank you to Martha H and Mollie for sharing your love of the 'Titanic'. Our trip to the Sea City museum was great and helped us to really get to grips with this tragic story. We conducted a simple science experiment to help us understand how the 'Titanic' sank; experimented with morse code messages and thought really carefully about who would 'earn' a place on one of the lifeboats. Perhaps more poignantly though, we found out about the members of the crew and their fascinating stories.


Curriculum Overviews:

Knowledge Organisers:

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